John Pritchard: Being one of the longest serving in the current Terras team, it must be great to have a good team around and have pushed on to finally winning the league?

Ben Thomson: Yes mate it’s been a good season for everyone involved at Weymouth football club, from the players and staff to the fans, not one club in the league would train and work harder off the pitch than we do, and not one club in the league bring the fans home and away like we do. So in my mind it was always going to happen and it did, it was nothing less than we deserved, I’m proud to have been apart of the squad that won the league this season!

JP: Yeah definitely mate, not a wrong word there! How good is it too know the fans back and support you as a player? Even voting you home supports player of the season.

BT: It means a massive amount to me knowing they support me, it really does make a huge difference knowing you’ve got the backing of the fans, obviously they’re there week in week out… good and bad times, it’s a long old season and to be voted home supporters player of the season is such a great award to have!

JP: Yeah of course, along with the other 2 awards you picked up! On a personal note how did the season go for you? Had you set any targets or happy to achieve certain numbers?

BT: It could always be better! Personally I’d like to score a few more goals, but we can work on that one! I didn’t pick up any major injuries and played a lot of games, so I can’t complain, personally it’s a huge achievement making the season without killing Brandon Goodship… Week-in week-out the most annoying person you’ll ever meet. So that’s a big personal achievement of mine!

JP: I recall him saying to me he puts goals on a plate for you? Thoughts on that one? Also, have you looked into next season at all?

BT: Yeah I must be missing that one that… No I haven’t really gave it to much thought yet it’s nice to have a bit of time off and enjoy the summer, the thought of pre season is enough to make me want to cry but there we go! I’ll soon be running round that track. Pre-seasons always fine when you’ve got the likes of Zubes (Stephane Zubar) and Wako (Josh Wakefield) in the side… I’ve seen milk turn quicker than those two!

JP: You signed a contract renewal very early on, do you see yourself staying for as long as possible?

BT: I’m more than happy at Weymouth, I’ve no intentions on going anywhere… If they get scampi fries in the bar I’ll commit until I can’t physically play anymore.

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