Josh Barton: On a personal note, how did the season go for you?

Jordan Ngalo: On a personal level there have been a lot of highs and lows. I have had a few fitness issues but apart from that, I feel as though this has been my best season with Weymouth so far but there’s definitely more to come!

JB: You have definitely picked up a great deal of plaudits for your performances and at a young age. What do you put your development down to?

JN: The players and management team around me. I always feel like I have to raise my game because of the quality we have in the team, also the time that is put in by the coaches to try and get things across to me, to understand. I also pick up a few things from the experienced players, the likes of Zubes (Stéphane Zubar) and Ash Wells.

JB: Can you describe the feeling of being promoted?

JN: So far it is one of the best things that has happened to me football wise. I always felt we would do it but to do it in the fashion that we did was something out of this world, incredible!

JB: Do you have any aims next season both individually and for the club?

JN: Individually, I just want to keep improving as a player and a person also see if I can push my goal ratio up because it’s non existent at the moment. For the club, I just hope we can keep pushing on and see where it takes us next season.

JB: What was your moment of the season?

JN: For me, it was my goal away against Hendon probably.

JB: Leading on nicely to the last question. Your goal at Hendon. Have you hit many better than that?

JN: Yes to be honest with you, I don’t score simple and what you might call normal goals so I probably have! That goal was special though because at the time it was something we needed to boost our confidence and go on to win the game! It was a big goal and a big three points!

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