John Pritchard: Who’s the Terras funny man?

Jake McCarthy: The Terras funny man would have to be Thommo, majority of the stuff he says cannot be repeated, just batters whoever he wants, he has every in stitches most away games.

JP: Who has the worst haircut?

JM: The Terras worst hair cut, would have to be Harry Baker, aka “ the birds nest”, he’s had a few decent styles this year, parp, somehow he ranked in top 10 hair styles on Twitter the other day, very interested to see who was behind that account!

JP: Who is the Terras music man?

JM: Terras music mate, unfortunately I got kicked off this job title due to over playing of one DJ Russke, the newest DJ is Shoey (Josh Carmichael) who’s taste is not to everyone’s liking to put it nicely.

JP: Who is the teachers pet?

JM: The Terras teacher pet would have to be Tom McHale, never seen someone as ready for a warm up as early as him, always 20 mins early to every session if not before and always talking to Robbie, won’t leave him alone, gets a bit weird really, them GK’s all love sticking together!

JP: Who is the nutmeg king?

JM: The Terras nutmeg king would have to be Jordan Ngalo, I’ve never seen someone be on the pitch 2 minutes and try a ball roll and nutmeg every time, 90% of the time it works, he’s got it on lock to be fair to him. His legs are so big that even if he messes it up he still keeps the ball as they can’t get round him.

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