John Pritchard: You’ve been at the club for along time now and have been through ups and downs, now the club is on a major up and the best it’s been for a while, what’s it like being in that environment?

Ashley Wells: It’s brilliant! You can sense the buzz as soon as you walk Into The Bob Lucas, it’s bringing the town together as the attendances are going up and up. Nothing better than seeing this great club get back to where it should be!

JP: That’s brilliant mate! Top answer! What would it mean to you tomorrow to lift the trophy? You have been apart of Weymouth for a number of years and I bet it’s great to be club captain of the lads we are lucky to have!

AW: Yeah the lads are a great bunch and have given everything to get a shot at the league title. It would be my proudest day as a footballer. I couldn’t think of anything better than to put this club back on the map. I’d love it even more so that my kids will be there to witness a part of Weymouth football club history!

JP: There is no doubt, being behind the scenes and seeing the effort everyone had put it, they definitely deserve it! I’m 100% sure all the fans would love to see you lift it! Just one more mate, can you tell us how important it is as a group effort from the players, staff, volunteers and fans to help the final push?

AW: The volunteers are the heart beat of this club, without them the club wouldn’t be where it is now. Just shows how great of a club it is. The volunteers and fans are the unsung hero’s in this. The players are a different gear, the changing room is class to be in and never a dull moment with these boys. It would be amazing to share history with them as you never know in football, things change, players come and go, but that title win would stay with us wherever. The staff, they are incredible from how professional they are to making sure you have everything they can give you to become a better player. As a collective they are incredible I won’t single any out as they all deserve the same praise from the fantastic job they all do.

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