The Evo-Sik Southern League Premier South title winning squad will be taking it in turns to talk to as they review how their season went personally in “Your Champion”.

John Pritchard: What has been your personal highlight of the season? Is there something that sticks out to you?

Tom McHale: I will definitely have to say the last game of the season. To win the league at home in front of our own fans was such a good feeling! Close second would definitely be the 4-0 win against Met Police.

JP: What a great day it was! Being a keeper can you remember one of the best saves you’ve made this season? Either if it was an important save or best looking?

TM: Not wrong mate! Hmm that’s a tough one, there’s not been too many that I can remember if I’m honest haha. The boys in front of me have been solid and that’s been a great help for sure.

JP: Very true! We finished with the best defensive record which is also a great stat! Did you set any goals and if so have you achieved them or is there room for improvement?

TM: Always a good feeling to hear that! When I heard about moving to the club I automatically set the target of promotion as I knew that’s what the club wanted to achieve. On a personal note I targeted at least 5 clean sheets and just wanted to get back on my feet again after a tough first 6 months of the season

JP: Well you helped and managed to smash both of them targets with 8 clean sheets I believe and promotion bagged! Other than the final game of the season, what has been the best game to play and witness? The Met one at home or something different?

TM: Thanks mate! Glad I could achieve those goals! I’d have to say either the Met win at home as it was such a big win or my first game away to Salisbury, that was such a big win and the way we fought to get it back to 4-3 was unreal

JP: Yeah 100%! Unfortunately it was one of the games I missed but was sat refreshing and when Bakes scored the winner it was scenes in the house!

TM: Haha that’s such a shame, it was a big moment! I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone at the club, the staff, the boys and the fans. Once again everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I’m glad I could play a little part in a big moment for the club!

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