Josh Barton: On a personal note, how do you feel the season went for you?

Abdulai Baggie: On a personal note I am happy how things have gone and other areas needed improvement. Playing 50 games this season and being part of a promotion team is what it is about! Winning things!

JB: When you hear the fans sing your name and hear the crowd at the Bob Lucas Stadium, how much inspiration does that give you?

AB: Of course it gives you a massive boost and extra energy. All the fans ask for is to give 100% when your playing and that’s what I try in every game. Fans go to games to be entertained! They have been top drawer not just this season but also last season too. Home support has been great and also travelling in numbers to away games the last 2 seasons. They deserve to enjoy and see their club back where it belongs.

JB: What was your best memory from last season?

AB: My best memory would have to be the whole season and lifting that trophy after a very long hard season. I was with my son at the end of the Farnborough game when I had nothing left in me from the season and we lifted the trophy.

JB: Winning the league title with Weymouth must have been up there with one of the best moments you have had in football?

AB: Yes definitely winning things and getting promotions is what we play Football for. I have been lucky enough to have had few promotions but for some of the boys it’s their first. They should be proud of what they have achieved. Football is about making memory’s and we did that!

JB: How do you think we will do in the National League South next season?

AB: We need to enjoy it going into that league because we deserved it and we belong to be there. We are a good team. It will be a very competitive league with the teams in their of course. But I think keeping the core of the group is massive for next season and adding more to the squad. If we do that I am sure we will be more than fine.

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