John Pritchard: We have seen you finish with the golden boot both seasons, what a great achievement, something to be happy with?

Brandon Goodship: Yeah for sure. When I signed at the start of last season I knew I would score goals but to have got as many as I have im delighted, to top this season off with winning the league its made it really special!

JP: I’m sure it’s a proud moment and something you can look back on! You scoring the second goal on the final day of the season almost made the title feel secured, what was that feeling like celebrating that goal?

BG: Yeah to be honest it was a nervy day… and when that goal went in I think it sunk in that it was going to be our day! I’d definitely say that it was the best feeling I’ve ever had in football scoring that goal.

JP: From the season just gone, what do you think was your most important goal or assist?

BG: Ah that’s a very hard question and I couldn’t pick one! I’d have to say the goal we just spoke about against Farnborough, the winner away at Tiverton or the winner against Dorch which felt extra nice.

JP: All great goals! Did you set any goals at the start of the season and if so was you happy with the way it went?

BG: Ummm to be honest not particularly.. I remember saying I wanted to get 30 and that would of been nice. Then when Yemi came I was on around 20 and I said 35 would be a good target, so to end up on 39 I’m very happy with that! That’s a great amount to have reached! Also with a great amount of assists too.

JP: How good is it being able to play with Thommo, it’s quite clear you and him work well together and know each other’s play style. Does that help being close off the pitch too?

BG: Thank you! Yeah I think we compliment each other quite well, he roughs up defenders pushing them deep which allows me to get on the ball. I repay him quite a bit I’ve put about 8 of his goals on a plate this season. Yeah it helps being close off it, we play PlayStation every Friday before a game! We’re off on holiday in a couple of weeks so I’m sure we will carry on the celebrations then!

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