John Pritchard: On review, how has the season gone on a personal note, obviously with the transfer as well?

Cameron Murray: Yeah personally this season has been great. I’ve enjoyed it from the off, with Dorchester at the start of the season and then through to winning the league with Weymouth. This is my first season playing down south and I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it anytime soon. I think personally I’ve learned a great deal about myself and also I feel I can continue to learn and improve under the management here at Weymouth. So I’m looking forward too next season already.

JP: That’s great to hear, also brilliant news about the new contract aswell! Congrats on that mate. What was the feeling like lifting the trophy, is that up there with some of the most memorable times so far in football?

CM: Nice one mate, cheers! And yeah it’s certainly up there for sure. The last few years I have been in some good teams that have made the play-offs which is always a good achievement in itself but nothing beats winning the title, especially doing so with a great bunch of lads infront of so many fans !

JP: Yeah spot on! All the lads are top notch and the fans come in numbers! What’s been the stand out game in the Terras shirt?

CM: The home win vs Met Police was pretty special because it was a bit of a pressure game as they had been on a good run of form too, but we really turned it on that night. Or the away win vs Salisbury, Bakes scoring was absolute magic! 2 games where the pressure was on, and we turned up, I think that says a lot and shows why we were deserving title winners.

JP: Yeah definitely! We performed very well against the top teams throughout the whole season! Of course now is the time to reset and rest but have you looked into next season?

CM: For sure! And off-season… rest ? I’m at the gym now squatting big! No rest! But yeah I’ll also be resting and refreshing as I’ve got a few holidays to look forward to aswell. I haven’t really looked into next season too much to be honest. I think personally I’ve just got to focus on coming back as fit as possible ready to go!

JP: I’m sure that will be a fan pleaser! You and the lads definitely deserve the holiday and sure it will be chaos but a great time! Neil Martin still declining your calls?

CM: Still declining!

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