John Pritchard: Can you tell us about your footballing experience growing up?

Ade Olumuyiwa: Growing up, I didn’t really start playing serious until I was about 15, went on trial with a couple of clubs like Southend, Charlton and when I was 18, I had a one week trial at Aston Villa, none of which worked out so I went straight to college and played football there which took me straight to University. Then came to Southampton Solent University and played for “Team Solent” for 3 years where I’ll say my football really started to take shape. Left “Team Solent” and went to Blackfield and Langley where I had a great season and the team achieved more than we expected.

JP: That’s brilliant mate, how did your first session with the new lads go? Was it finally good to meet up with everyone?

AO: Yeah couldn’t wait to meet up with the lads and everyone was so welcoming. Plus the intensity in training was really good, all of the lads looked fit and in good shape, so we can’t wait to get going!

JP: Yeah everyone is looking great! How are you feeling personally going into next season and have you looked at personal targets?

AO: I feel good, feel ready to go hard. Personal targets for me is just to be consistent in playing my best every time it’s game day, and maybe to add a few goals as well.

JP: Definitely, moving on to game day, are there any teams you are looking out for such as players you know or is it completely new?

AO: My home is in Essex, would definitely be looking forward to the teams down there, but no don’t fear anyone just can’t wait to get going!

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