John Pritchard: We are going into the third game of the season already, how have you settled in so far into the changing rooms and around the club?

Andreas Robinson: Yes mate feel I’ve settled in just fine and everyone at the club has been great with me so far, so I have to thank them for this. We have to be satisfied with the first two games but I’m confident we will keep improving the more games we play.

JP: Yeah definitely, no one will get tired of hearing 4 points from 6 so far! You and Jake have formed a great partnership in the middle already, how do you think the squad is looking?

AR: Yes before I joined I knew I would be joining a team full of good players after promotion last year. So far it has been me and Jake but it’s only 2 games and there’s many games to play!

JP: Yeah the depth is very strong and it shows with some of the quality waiting for their chance. A bit about your time before Weymouth, you were obviously with Havant, what was your time like there at the club?

AR: Yes I loved my time at Havant, so many highs and lows but to have those experiences with so many close friends was amazing. I felt like I improved every year and am grateful for the patience and opportunities that the manager gave me at the time. Looking forward to going back around Christmas time for our games against them however my focus is here now and concentrating on what we do this year.

JP: In your last season you won player of the year, that must have been a great feeling?

AR: Yes great for me personally, again every game I played last year I felt like I grew in confidence and going into games I was so clear mentally what I needed to do to impact games. However you want team success to go with the individual recognition and as a group myself included we were not good enough to stay in the league last year.

JP: Definitely, football is the overall scheme is a team sport and of course you want to do well, saying that how far do you think the squad can go?

AR: So difficult to say being so early in the season. I think the start is huge for us just like any other team, with there being so many games in a short period. If we can continue to pick up points our confidence will grow but we know every single game will challenge us this year, so just trying to approach each game in the best way possible.

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