John Pritchard: How do you feel being back, was it a no brainer?

Sam Sherring: Yeah definitely, I really enjoyed my time last year and obviously it was a successful season for the club. I’m happy to be back and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve this year.

JP: It definitely was a success season, what was the feeling knowing you had payed a big part to the league win and promotion?

SS: It was nice to be a part of it and I feel I learned so much from the whole season. The experience was really good for me at a young age and hopefully it will stand me in good stead for the future!

JP: Yeah definitely, looking into the future you’ve come here to help improve as a player but also as a team member and want to do well as a team, so far from what you’ve seen and know how far can the squad go?

SS: Of course yeah, the squad is similar to last season and the new lads seem to fit in really well so it’s a really good atmosphere in the group! I think we are just concentrating on the next game at the moment and not getting ahead of ourselves, it’s a tough league and a long season but I think we have a strong squad and we definitely won’t fear anyone!

JP: It is definitely a long season! On a personal note you featured for Bournemouth in pre-season, how did your experience go?

SS: Yeah it was good, I just tried to take in and learn as much from the experience as I could but yeah I enjoyed it!

JP: That’s brilliant mate, you had all of our support! Just one more mate from me, working with Mark Molesley everyday must be great and make your experience playing with the Terras a lot more easy and adaptable, how key is he in the reason for coming to Weymouth?

SS: Appreciate that! Yeah it’s really good for me, we always talk about the games and what we could improve on as a team and for me as an individual. We do a lot of work on getting those marginal gains in my game and I’m really thankful for the help he’s given me.

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