Baggie: We are a very close-knit group

by: theterras


John Pritchard: Last Tuesday you got off the mark after a great team build-up, how well has the team been linking up and you must be happy with the football being played?

Abdulai Baggie: Yeah it is always nice to get your first of the season but I would have happily traded it for the 3 points. We have had a good start of course, but that’s all we have done so far. We will just take each game by game and keep playing our football and the results will take care of itself.

JP: Yeah definitely, we have seen a few new additions join the squad, how well have they fitted into the system and changing room?

AB: The new additions have fitted in very well and have integrated within the squad that we had from last season. Everyone is pushing in the same direction and that’s why we won the league last year and also have started well in this league! We are a very close-knit group!

JP: Yeah you can see the group is very close-knit. Think that shows on and off the pitch! We have seen this season already but it seems you and Calvin have formed a very good partnership?

AB: Yes Definitely… Makes it easier for me when you have a modern-day full-back like Calvin that gets forward. Nearly 3 seasons now together which also helps knowing his strengths. I think regardless of whoever comes in the team on the wing we always have a good partnership with our full-backs.

JP: For sure, it definitely shows you have the connection. How are you feeling personally? You’ve had a good start to the season, you must be pleased?

AB: Thanks… I’m feeling good this season. The main thing is the TEAM is doing well but looking to hit my personal goals I have set myself this season.

JP: What’s been your best personal moment so far at the Terras?

AB: I would say winning the title last season on the last day and hearing the final whistle go was the best moment so far for me!