BRIAN Stock admitted delays to the fixture schedule caused by the pandemic could have a knock-on impact on next season.

Weymouth’s manager has already lent his support to an extension into June for the current campaign.

However, the former Burnley and Bournemouth midfielder hinted at a couple of options for the 2021/22 calendar.

Asked if next season could be affected, Stock told Echosport: “Maybe so. It might mean that you start the season a little bit later.

“It might mean that there’s less break in between (seasons). Sometimes I do feel that there is too long a break in between.

“Having 8 weeks off can be a long time away from football.

“It is a knock-on impact and if it meant that the season extended by two weeks to get the quality of games rather than cram them all in on a Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, then that would be more beneficial.”

Dorset Echo

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