John Pritchard: We are currently sat in the play-off places and still have more to come, what’s your assessment so far?

Jake McCarthy: Overall it’s been a positive start to the season for us. Looking at the table and being in the play-off places after the first month of games has been completed is a good sight. Although I do believe we should be higher, with the games we have drawn, we feel we could have come out with three points instead of just the one.

JP: Leading on from that, on a personal note how are you feeling?

JM: Personally I’m feeling fit and strong off the back of a good pre-season on and off the pitch. I feel we haven’t really got going this year, we have shown spells of ourselves in games but not consistently enough. Luckily for us we still plenty more gears to move up!

JP: I’m sure the fans will have seen from the match photos but you’ve had a switch-up in hair colour, how did that come about?

JM: Yeah the barnet has been changed, there is no hiding that! I thought it would be a great idea to highlight my hair, you know, give it a bit of a lighter look, just something a bit different from the ‘norm’. However, after doing it and being called a leopard by my hairdresser due to the highlights being so patchy, I decided to just dye the whole top blonde to fill in the gaps. I can confirm I did not anticipate for it to go as bleach blonde as it has done. I unveiled the hair cut on route to Tonbridge yesterday after wearing a hat for the first 1 hour of the trip. Surprisingly everyone was buzzing off it especially Wako (Josh Wakefield) who said it’s one of the best cuts I’ve had in a while. There was the odd few who added videos to their stories on Instagram and Snapchat. I have recently just brought a nice bucket hat to cover up the blondness till it grows out when out in public. I’m sure all the fans will see it Tuesday night if they missed it on Saturday though!

JP: I reckon you’ve done it because you knew we had two away games in a row and matched the kit! Going on from our start how are you looking at going forward?

JM: It’s definitely been a tricky few games for us where we have not been at our best, if we can put it right on Tuesday, then we can get back on track to chasing down Wealdstone!

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