John Pritchard: I’m sure the Terras fans would like to know a bit about your history, can you tell us one of your most memorable moments in football?

Lionel Ainsworth: Being at Motherwell, trying to preserve the status in the Premiership, they had never been out of it. We came up against Rangers, we had a home and away tie to stay in the league, it was a great game and a great atmosphere! We went to their gaff in front of 50,000 people fans. We came out 3-1 winners and also scored myself. We also played them in the second leg at home and won 3-0, also scoring again, it was amazing and something I will never forget. I loved it in Scotland, it holds a lot of personal and family memories.

JP: You’ve been in the pro game for a long time and you’ve experienced a few different changing rooms. Where did you have the best time?

LA: Some of the funniest stories and best changing rooms I’ve been in will also be from Motherwell. We had a few boys there that loved a laugh and a bit of banter. Hereford is up there too for sure but Motherwell has got to be the one!

JP: Who is the best player in your opinion you’ve come up against and played with?

LA: That’s a very hard question, I’ve played with quite a few good players and against also! If I was to list, I’d be here for a while. But one of the best was when I was down on loan at Bournemouth we had Franck Songo’o was on loan from Portsmouth, he was incredible, one of the best players I’ve seen. James McFadden, Marvin Johnson, Louis Moult, Ruben Ramirez, Scott McDonald, for his size, knew what he was doing. Can’t quite think about who I have played with but there have been some very good ones from the top and also lower down, James Meredith is one that sticks out, he is also a good mate of mine.

JP: Continuing on from the professional scene and playing for a number of years I’m sure you’ve been through a few pairs of boots, what’s one of the best boots you’ve ever had?

LA: I’d have to say the first Hypervenoms, the orange and black ones! I fell in love instantly, this is probably 6-7 years ago now, they were absolutely amazing! I still have 2 pairs now, a fresh clean pair and a pair used with my fiancés and daughter’s initials on, I might even wear them for the Welling game! I also remember having the R9’s, you know who I’m on about, the real Ronaldo!

JP: This will be your third game with the Terras, your first game at home at the Bob Lucas Stadium, how are you feeling personally going into the game?

LA: I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the manager gave me a shout asking how’s the body, I said feeling excellent after playing 80 odd minutes against Oxford, we just couldn’t get that final touch to go in, that little bit of luck you need sometimes. I’m looking forward to it 100% tomorrow, to get back out on the grass, we have had a couple of draws but we are nearly there to get that win. I’m looking forward to being around the area, around the stadium and meeting all the new people and fans! Bring on tomorrow!

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