John Pritchard: To start off, can you remember and tell us a bit about your first memory of football?

Shaun Hobson: My first memory of football is playing for my Sunday league team, the team I played for was called Fletcher Moss, I was 6 years old at the time.

JP: Going on from Sunday league and moving onto to being with Bournemouth, can you remember your first day?

SH: I’m from Manchester so I went from Sunday league to Burnley at the age of 15, I then signed my scholar and did my two years of scholarship with Burnley before I got released at 17, I then went onto sign for Bournemouth when I was 18.

JP: Can you remember through your time of playing so far, the first time you thought “wow this player is good”?

SH: Yeah it was for Bournemouth, a player called Sam Matthews who played with me and some of the lads in the Weymouth team when we were back in the Bournemouth U23’s together.

JP: Moving onto playing with Weymouth, what a goal at the weekend mate, was that your first goal in senior football and can you tell us a bit behind your run and taking the shot?

SH: Thank you and it’s my second, I scored last year when I was on loan at Eastleigh. Once I received the ball I looked up and went for the front post shot and it went in!

JP: Can you tell us the first piece of advice you have been given that has stuck with you?

SH: To have a positive mental attitude, and that was given to me by my Mum!

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