Terras Social Stories: Ben Thomson

by: theterras


John Pritchard: Starting it off, going way back, can you explain what was going on here and how this ended up happening?

Ben Thomson: It was Weymouth’s end of season do in Magaluf, it was about half four in the morning and somehow we just fell into a tattoo shop and Yetti wanted to add something else to his bum sleeve. I can’t tell you what it said but for a 40-year-old farther with a respectable job, I’d like to think he would feel the size of an ant if people saw it.

JP: Going from one striker partnership to another, can you expand on this photo with Brandon?

BT: It was the end of season do in Marbella… Brandon on the brink of leaving Weymouth and he was desperate for a photo to hang up on his bedroom wall before he set off on his venture. Between me you and the gatepost, he was also taking this photo to Turkey as he was going for a hair transplant and was showing mine as an example of what he wanted to the doctor.

JP: Another one with Brandon, can you tell us what has been said here?

BT: He just scored and I was telling him his hairs blown back and to brush it forward. When it’s windy you can see his fringe literally starts on his crown! His hairs just gone big time and that’s that. He’s so paranoid about it. But understandable I guess when his old man has got more hair than he has.

JP: Being one of the longest-serving players and having been around the club for near half a decade, I bet this was such a great moment? Especially with such a great bunch!

BT: Incredible, it was the first league title I’ve won and I couldn’t have wished it for a better club and a better group of mates.

JP: This is surely one of the best photos of you in a Terras shirt, can you explain what was going on here?

BT: I think that was either Yemi’s or Brandon’s goal when we won the league. My finishing was a bit bleak that day so I needed a bit of Dutch courage, obviously it worked I scored the final goal to make it 3-0 and win us the league. Also, I knew I had to go out for a team night out that night so had to start as early as possible. You wouldn’t be seen dead walking down the road with Josh Wakefield and Cam Murray, I’ve seen my grandad put on better outfits than those two and he’s 83!

JP: This is from a while back but after promotion and competing well in the National League South, this seems appropriate?

BT: This is actual footage of me in Dorchester town’s bath after Goody scored in the last minute last season! Tuney’s in there somewhere.