John Pritchard: We have spoken about this goal many of times and it will go down in history here at the Terras, was it only right to pull out the aeroplane?

Yemi Odubade: An amazing feeling to score that goal especially after letting the ball roll under my foot in the first half when I was clean through on goal. The celebration was the aeroplane, of course, I’d brought it out a few games before and the lads were like “you have to keep the celebration”.

JP: A couple of months later you agreed terms to stay with the Terras for another season, it was great to see you stay, was it straight forward and an easy decision?

YO: Yeah it was pretty straight forward. I had a wedding and honeymoon literally a couple of weeks after the season had finished so that was the priority but it all got sorted after that!

JP: From this day, you and the lads have been in top form, did that win and moment help the team wanting to keep the positives flowing and to keep the 3 points coming home?

YO: I think that definitely helps. It’s vital for a team to keep that championship-winning mentality for the following season. I think it definitely gives you that extra edge going into games.

JP: We have all seen the pictures of Jake and this tweet just caps it off, can you tell us your take on his hair and the tweet?

YO: Well as soon as he got it done it was the first thing I said to him. Not sure if he knew about the ‘98 Romanian team (probably too young) so I tweeted him the picture.
Horrendous hair cut if you ask me!

JP: Carrying on from haircuts, this is a great picture, you have a neat cut, can you talk us though the that and the picture in general? It’s a quality picture!

YO: It was when the Mohican was in fashion! Will not be getting that again anytime soon! Yeah the picture was our last game of the season at Stevenage. We’d already won the league two weeks before but wanted it to be a proper celebration. I’m with one of my good friends Eddie Odhiambo. We were at a few clubs together in our career, wow he’s a coach at Banbury United.

JP: We have spoken a little bit about boots before but these are 2 classics! You’ve kept it quite modern recently but any old classics getting the run out soon?

YO: Yeah I’ve still got a few classics, I might bring a pair out very soon, you never know!

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