Shaun Hobson joins for our latest Player interview. The AFCB loanee defender has impressed since joining the Terras back in September.

Josh Barton: We have asked this question to previous AFCB loan players. How much are you enjoying the challenge here at Weymouth and is it a good combination with your day to day life with the Cherries?

Shaun Hobson: Yes it’s a good challenge but I’m definitely enjoying myself. It works perfectly, sometimes I train with Weymouth to get the chemistry right so all in all it’s been great so far.

JB: Can you tell us a bit about your football journey so far?

SH: I started out playing Sunday League in Manchester and played a trial game against Burnley when I was 15. Then I signed a scholar and did my scholar from the age of 15-17. I got released and signed for Bournemouth after my 18th birthday. I’ve been at Bournemouth for the last 3 seasons and now on loan with Weymouth.

JB: You have definitely impressed massively since coming on loan with us. Do you take any advice from any of the more experienced players in the dressing rooms and has there been any advice that has stood out in particular?

SH: There is nothing in particular that stands out as such and to be fair everyone in the dressing room is good. We have a young group but the older ones are all encouraging us and guiding us and wishing the best for us all.

JB: You scored an absolute worldie against St Albans away. More of that in the locker?

SH: I’ve plenty of that in my locker but my job is to keep clean sheets and I prefer to keep clean sheets.

JB: What football team do you support and what are your first memories of football?

SH: I’m from Manchester and support Manchester United and it has to be playing with my Sunday League team. I was at Old Trafford when Wayne Rooney made his debut for United. He scored a hat-trick against Fenerbahçe and my favourite player was Rio Ferdinand.

JB: What are your targets for the rest of the season?

SH: My target is to win the next game. To be honest I don’t like looking too far ahead in football. It is an up and down game so I just concentrate on the next game.

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