John Pritchard: Completing your first full season in men’s football, how do you think it went?

Sam Sherring: Overall I think it was a successful one obviously with winning the league. Individually, I learned so much during the season and I think I improved a lot. From a performance point of view, I think I definitely could have done better, so I wasn’t fully happy with that aspect. I do set myself high standards though which I think is important if I want to continue improving, so I will never be fully happy.

JP: The fans have really appreciated your input this season, is that a great feeling to receive when being on loan?

SS: Yeah the fans were brilliant with me right from the start. They made me feel welcome and their support really helped us achieve what we did this season. They come out in their numbers every week, and I know that everyone at the club really appreciates the support.

JP: Well said mate! When joining Weymouth on loan did you know much about us and had you set aims?

SS: Yeah I did know a little bit to be fair. I think we all obviously had the aim of winning the league, but personally just to play as many games as possible and learn as much I could really.

JP: And all the hard work had paid off! Can you tell us your favourite game from the season?

SS: There’s a few to be fair but I’d say Met Police at home and Farnborough at home have to be up there! Don’t think I’ll forget those two any time soon!

JP: Definitely both great games! How great have all the staff and players been this season?

SS: Yeah definitely, the staff and players really deserve everything they have achieved this season. Everyone works so hard and I think that has really paid off this season by finishing as champions! Also just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the fans for all of their support last season. Winning the league was the least the fans deserve after the bad times they have been through and I’m glad we managed to achieve it. I really enjoyed playing for the Terras this season and the fans were a massive part of that! Thanks again!

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