Club Captain, Ashley Wells speaks to Terras Director Josh Barton as he goes into his 9th season at the club!

Josh Barton: Ash, you are going into your 9th season at your hometown club. How are you feeling?

Ashley Wells: I’m over the moon to have been at this club for such a long time. It makes it that little bit sweeter knowing it’s the club I used to watch growing up. I do feel a bit old now though.

JB: You aren’t an old man by any means but you will be one of the most experienced players in the squad. In a previous interview, Ngalo said he learns off of the likes of yourself and Zubar. In your role, are you happy to give out guidance and advice to the younger players?

AW: Yes I’m more than happy to help out any player that comes to me for guidance and also any information that I can give them to make them a better player, I will do. I remember asking Pat Baldwin a lot of questions when he was here, so I’m more than happy to step into that role of passing on any info I have.

JB: You are obviously a Weymouth fan as well as our club captain. You are loved in the local area. Lifting that trophy at the end of the season in front of your friends and family and the Weymouth people. Can you just put into words the feeling you had?

AW: The feeling was unreal, I never thought when I watched as a kid that I’d be the club captain helping help push Weymouth back into the National League.

JB: Are you looking forward to life in the National League South? Some big clubs and grounds to visit.

AW: Yeah I think everyone is buzzing to see what life is like in the league above and to test ourselves. To be honest I’ve not looked to see who is in the league above (is that bad?). I’ve seen a few clubs names and know they are big clubs and I look forward to going to them places, the likes of Aldershot and Bath.

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