John Pritchard: Who was your first footballing hero?

Cameron Murray: I’m a Celtic fan so it was probably Henrik Larson and Jimmy Johnstone. Although it’s quite a fitting question really as I was also massively inspired by Billy McNeill who has sadly passed away today, that iconic image of him lifting the European cup alone in Lisbon always comes to mind. I also had the pleasure of meeting him. Some guy !

JP: What was your first football shirt you owned?

CM: Again very likely a Celtic shirt, one that comes to mind was this awful yellowy coloured one. I always remember it been long sleeved and the sponsor was “ntl:”

JP: What was the first football game you saw live?

CM: I think it may have been Gary Kelly’s testimonial at elland road. Celtic beat Leeds 4-1 and Larsson ran Rio Ferdinand ragged that day !

JP: What’s your first memory of playing football?

CM: I always remember playing for my junior team. It was a little village side called Northowram Juniors we were genuinely unreal. Didn’t lose for about 4 years! But I also remember having a picnic in Scotland once with my family. All was nice and relaxed until I decided to leather one of those yellow and black air floater balls at some massive cows.. wasn’t the best of ideas as they turned around and chased us… absolutely s**t myself !

JP: That’s brilliant mate, also how are you feeling going into Saturday?

CM: Well I feel like the last few games have been a little bit edgy, and playing Saturday & Monday is never easy both physically and mentally especially when so much is at stake. But regardless of what anyone is saying we have put ourselves in a good position. Going into Saturday as a squad we all know what needs to be done. So we will prepare as we always do. Nothing changes! Personally I always tell myself the game is a game and it has no inherent ability to provide us with anything. So I feel like if we go and play our game on Saturday and we enjoy been their infront of all the fans then we will play our natural game like we have done for the majority of the season. That should stand us in good stead and our quality should shine through. Let’s enjoy it!

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