Ahead of the weekend’s trip to Chesham United, theterras.com caught up with young shop-stopper Will Dennis, who will be looking to add to the 5 clean sheets he has kept since joining the club on loan from AFC Bournemouth in January.

theterras.com: What has been your favourite moment as a Weymouth player so far?

Will Dennis: Probably playing away at hereford in front of a crowd as big as it was.

theterras.com: The away support this season really has been class. If there was one player on the planet you’d love to face a penalty from who would it be? And why?

WD: I’d say Messi cause I can then say I saved it against the best player on the planet!

theterras.com: Fair enough. Your backing yourself then! Who’s been the biggest inspiration in your career?

WD: I would say my Family in general as they have always been there for me and pushed me to persue my dreams.

theterras.com: Decent. You’ve worked with Mark Travers at AFC Bournemouth. Does he ever talk about the goal he scored at Bishop’s Stortford for us?

WD: Yes Travers never stops going on about that goal but I think I would be the same!

theterras.com: Brilliant! Have you ever scored whilst playing in goal?

WD: No I haven’t but would like too

theterras.com: What is the one moment in the history of football you’d love to go back and be a part of?

WD: 1966 world cup final with England most definitely.

theterras.com: What a moment! What is the one app on your phone that you couldn’t go a week without using?

WD: WhatsApp because that’s where I find my daily schedule for training!

theterras.com: Quite important that! Finally do you think this current Weymouth side has what it takes to go all the way and get promoted this season?

WD: Of course I do as we have a great team with great players and staff working together but also the fans’ support drives us on every game whether it’s home or away!

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