Returning Terra, Mark Cooper, spoke to Josh Barton of at the 3-0 win over Dorchester Town yesterday.

Josh Barton: Coops, are you pleased to be back? 

Mark Cooper: Yes, definitely! I always enjoyed my time here and I was always happy to stay here but I had an opportunity to go elsewhere and it didn’t really work out. As soon as I knew that this club were interested in getting me back, it was a no brainer really. I know most of the players here and have met up with the new ones and they seem a great bunch of lads. I’m excited to get going again.

JB: When do you hope to be back in the squad? Is Saturday’s FA Cup match a realistic aim? 

MC: Hopefully it is, I trained on Thursday. I probably could’ve pushed it to be back for the Dorchester game but it is one of them that you don’t want to force too much. I’ll train on Thursday and hopefully I’ll be in contention to play at Odd Down on Saturday.

JB: Were you pleased watching the team win the game and put three past Dorchester?

MC: Yeah of course, I’m not going to lie, it was enjoyable watching the boys put 3 goals past Dorchester. I was gutted to not be out there but even still, it was nice to watch.

JB: Have you received some nice messages from Terras fans on your return to the club?

MC: Yes, it’s been quite pleasing since it was announced after the game. To have so many nice tweets and messages from some of the fans, as a player, it is definitely something appreciated.

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