Ben Thomson joins and discusses his 200 game landmark, targets for the rest of the season and Dave Tune’s false teeth. How do you feel to have made 200 appearances for the club?

Ben Thomson: It’s a great achievement personally and it’s been a pleasure and an honour. It’s brilliant to see how far the club has progressed and I’ve been along for the ride for a while. Looking forward to many more appearances for this club! On that note. Since you first joined to now, just how much progress has been made?

BT: It’s run like a professional club. I feel like I’m back at school. Mainly for the fact I get told off like a little child every session but the amount of work that goes into it from everyone at the club shows how far it’s come. All of the staff and backroom staff all work tirelessly hard. We had a setback yesterday but overall I guess we would’ve taken this position at the start?

BT: Yes definitely. As a team, we’ve not been dominated by one team so far. We haven’t played anyone better than us, I’m sure we would have taken where we are in the league at the beginning of the season but from an inside point of view, it’s still a little bit disappointing we’re not right up there. But that’s just the standard the bar is at for us. Still, plenty of time and we’ve put ourselves in a great position! Do you have a particular moment at the club that stands out the most?

BT: Winning the league last year that’s the biggest achievement for me. It’s my first league title and it was a great feeling. Followed closely by the moment when Stewart Yetton put Dave Tune’s false teeth in his mouth on the coach coming home from an away game! And a word for Dave Tune (kit man) who I know loves you a lot…

BT: Haha! Ironically the last question is on him. Dave Tune is Weymouth FC. The amount of work that he puts in is incredible and he’s the nicest bloke you could wish to meet. He has a diva inside him though if you touch any of his kit before a game. I love keeping a close eye on Tuney after games, he always fills his coat pockets up with sarnies! Must be to save him doing his food shop at home for the week. I think he’s spent to much time around Calv (Calvin Brooks).

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