This half term the Terras Schools Quiz is returning in partnership with Chickerell Primary Academy.

Give it a go and test your knowledge to be in with a chance of winning a mascot package at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Email your answers to by Friday.

1. How long is a game of American Football?

2. Which team has won the FA Cup the most amount of times?

3. Which nation has hosted the Olympic Games the most times?

4. Weymouth’s last game was a home win against Slough Town. What was the score?

5. Who was the legendary England captain when they won the world cup in 1966?

6. In cricket, who is England’s all-time test match highest run scorer?

7. Who did Muhammad Ali fight in ‘Rumble in The Jungle’?

8. Which sport is Michael Jordan most famous?

9. Who was the manager of Weymouth when we last got promoted to the Conference National?

10. Where is the current PDC World Darts Championships held?

11. How many players play in an indoor volleyball team?

12. Which team is the current netball world champion?

13. Which team won the most recent FIFA Women’s World Cup?

14. Which sport is Babe Ruth well known for?

15. “Eddie The Eagle” is famous for which winter sport?

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