After consultation with my co-editor, Steve Dadd, the forum was deleted from the site today.

The reasons are short and simple. The “contributions” on the forum, predominantly by those who felt it appropriate to hide behind anonymity, were, in our opinion, serving no useful purpose to Weymouth Football Club.

When I posted my intention to remove the forum, I gave people three days to offer an alternative arena for fans to air their views. One fan took me up on my offer and has done just that.
Their forum can be found at

That forum is totally independent and not connected with this site in any way. Its editor invites you to have your say. This is the only occasion I will be promoting it and there will be no further links to it on this site.

Despite general opinion, this site is independent from the club. It is financed and maintained by yours truly with valuable contributions from Steve Dadd and Nigel Biddlecombe, amongst others. Neither the Directors or anyone else within the club has a say on how it is run or what it contains. It will remain available on the World Wide Web as a resource for fans of the club and those who wish to read a bit about the club.

The next instalment should be Daddsie’s match report on the Terras journey to Aveley tomorrow.

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