Something a little bit different in this weeks player interview as we catch up with 17-year-old Terras goalkeeper Harrison Bruton. Harrison recently signed dual forms with neighbours Portland United. How much has GK Coach Robbie Yates impacted your game?

Harrison Bruton: Where do I start? I think from a technical point of view; Robbie has impacted me massively. When I first met Robbie two years ago, it was very clear that I had a very abnormal way of goalkeeping. Over the last two years, Robbie has worked with me to help improve these small areas, leading to an improvement in technique and goalkeeping two years later. However, aside from goalkeeping, I think Robbie also looks to make you a better person as well which is why he is so unique. He has obviously given me multiple opportunities within the last two seasons and he has prepared me well for these, but the way he coaches has also helped me in my development and I strongly believe he is one of the best there is out there. As a lad growing up supporting Weymouth, how important is the club’s success for you?

HB: For me personally its massively important. Being a local lad who has grown up watching players like Wellsy, Matthews, and even Zubar and the manager Mark Molesley, it’s an honour to even be involved with such a great club that is on the up. I think what makes the club unique is the incredible fan base. From being a fan that was passionate about seeing the club succeed to now playing for that club the passion is even bigger now and I’m very excited to see what the future holds. Goals for the coming campaign, for the future, and favourite moments so far?

HB: Obviously I’ve just recently signed with Portland alongside some top quality players so for me I would like to set myself the goal of being part of a title-winning side. As well as this I would like to strive to have the best defensive record in the league and for me, that would be two massive achievements. I think my main goal for the long term future would be to wear the number one shirt for the Terras. Having grown up here and spent a lot of time around the football club, this would be a huge goal of mine. Leading on from this goal, I think my first cup win with Merley Cobham in the 2018/19 campaign was one of my favourite moments so far, however, even though I didn’t play, the Dorset Senior Cup win this season was very special as it was something growing up that I would have loved to be involved with. I think the fact that it was against Dorch and the fans were fantastic made in even more special. Which GK have you enjoyed training with the most at Weymouth?

HB: That’s a hard one! I think I’m quite lucky in the sense that everyone I’ve trained with at Weymouth (both players and goalkeepers) have all been very supportive, and they look to get the best out of you. When you are young, coming into a team with adults, it can be quite hard but I think everyone at Weymouth is great at making you feel welcome and helping you along the way. For me, I think Childsy (Mark Childs) has been the person I have enjoyed training with the most for a number of reasons. Not only is he a quality goalkeeper and a good laugh, he understands a lot in terms of what it’s like to be a young keeper and he is almost like a second coach in training. For young goalkeepers, I think he’s great because although he is there to train and improve himself, he is also willing to help others improve and help boost your confidence, especially when you’re having a naff session.

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