The last few weeks have been full of ups and downs with regards to the play-off situation. Finally, now we have the decision that we will be able to take part, albeit not in the way we would have liked, but at least we now have the chance to compete. While the club is in a good financial place, the play-offs come at a large additional financial cost. These not only comprise the cost of testing but also the associated costs that we face in order to be compliant with the Government’s COVID-19 regulations. We obviously want to give Mark; the players and you our brilliant supporters every opportunity to build on the success this season deserves.

Having planned and budgeted for next season and to avoid potentially leaving ourselves with a large shortfall. We now need your help. Based on the information we have been given by the league and the government the additional costs are anticipated to be in the region of £50,000. I am sure you will appreciate without a crowd in the stadium and other matchday income this would leave a big void. The excellent Take Two feature has raised over £5,000, which is brilliant start and gets us up and running. If we are going to participate in the play-offs we need your help so we can remain competitive next season.

We are putting together other ideas to raise money from streaming the game subject to TV rights through to a special edition play-off home shirt. We will not stop fighting for the right to compete, let’s face it this club has had to fight plenty in the past decade to even exist. We are all fans at this wonderful club and now we can all play our part to realise the dream many thought would never be seen again in those dark days.

If you can help please do so, as every pound will be vital. Please follow the link to the Go Fund Page where you will find a message from Mark Molesley.

Weymouth Football Club – Go Fund Me

Terras Family 💙❤

Weymouth Board of Directors & Weymouth Supporters Association

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