Ollie Harfield is the latest to catch up with uptheterras.co.uk in our latest weekly player interview as we start to look ahead to the National League South Playoffs.

Josh Barton: After much deliberation and uncertainty, the playoffs are on. How did you feel when you found out?

Ollie Harfield: It was a big relief, to be honest. Seeing as we’ve all worked so hard this season to get into the playoff position, the thought of it all being potentially wiped away would’ve been difficult to take!

JB: Our fans have raised thousands already to help with the costs. Do you think this just goes to show the spirit of the club as a whole?

OH: The fans have been brilliant all season so it comes as no surprise how much money has already been raised. We are lucky to have such great support and even though they, unfortunately, won’t be in the stadium with us we know they’ll be supporting us from home!

JB: Do you have any experience of playing in a game without fans at all?

OH: I’ve played in plenty of friendlies behind closed doors but never in a competitive match. It’s going to be a strange experience but it’s one we are all looking forward to!

JB: All of a sudden we are potentially two games away from back to back promotions. It’s the talk of the town at the moment. Do you get a chance to sit and think about what could be achieved or is it very much full focus and not allowing yourself to think too far ahead?  

OH: I came to Weymouth to get promoted into the National League Premier. I think as a group we know we were more than capable so it’s no surprise to us where we are! We can only focus on our next game and not get too far ahead of ourselves, but we will be full of confidence going into the game!

JB: It might have been mentioned before and I know it’s not necessarily your job, but how does a last-minute playoff final winner sound for your first goal for the club?

OH: I’d definitely take that as my first goal for the club! It wouldn’t be a bad time to come up with a goal, would it?! Fingers crossed we can get the job done.

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