uptheterras.co.uk: Can you describe the feeling when you knew the shootout was won and we got promoted?

Andreas Robinson: It is difficult to put into words the feeling to be honest. Because they were missing it almost felt like there was more pressure on us each kick to make sure we stayed in front which our takers handled so well. So I think the word relief would some it up quite well, because both games we played were such high pressure games to come straight back into.

uptheterras.co.uk: It won’t be long before we begin our new challenge in the top tier of Non-League Football. Are you excited about being back in the National League?

AR: Very much so. We expect there to be a big step up but we’ve shown we have a winning mentality and we have to continue that to make sure that we enjoy the league properly.

uptheterras.co.uk: Do you have a moment of the season from a personal point of view?

AR: There are two moments really. The goal against Slough and the win against Maidstone first day of the season. Just the way we came back that day with the away support at the end felt really good although it’s not such a personal one it sticks out for me for some reason.

uptheterras.co.uk: Again from a personal point of view, how are you feeling physically after the long injury layoff?

AR: The ankle is absolutely fine but in terms of game fitness I know I have work to do. Normally when you’re playing week in week out, sometimes three games a week, the games become second nature and there’s a big mental side to it as well. I know I can have a bigger impact on games than I did after the restart, so it’s up to me to make sure I do so the team benefits.

uptheterras.co.uk: Finally, we asked Ollie Harfield something similar but what was it like in town by the beach with all the fans after we won promotion?

AR: Yes that was the best part of the day probably! We took over a few bars, maybe against the rules but I think it was only fair that we were able to celebrate with everyone all together. We didn’t have much luck in Bournemouth afterwards, places there were not so accommodating and I even caught Cam telling one place that they were gonna get a ZERO on tripadvisor for not letting us all in. Rightly so as well!

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