uptheterras.co.uk: First of all, congratulations! Can you describe the feeling when we won the penalty shootout and gained promotion?

Ollie Harfield: It was all a bit surreal to be honest! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a penalty shootout like it. To get a clean sheet in a shootout final to gain promotion is just unbelievable! 

uptheterras.co.uk: All the fans in town celebrating with us in the town after the game, that must have also been some feeling?

OH: I can only tell you what I remember! But turning up to the beach in our kit with all the fans was a special moment! They came out in their numbers like they’ve done all season. It was great to be able to celebrate with them and see what it meant to the town!

uptheterras.co.uk: We will soon be beginning our next adventure back at the top level of non-league football. The hard work will soon be upon us once more. You must be excited to get going again?

OH: Yes definitely looking forward to getting back to work! I think the national league gets tougher every year, it’s mainly filled with ex-league teams now so it’s going to be tough but an exciting year for sure!

uptheterras.co.uk: Team of the season for you. Congratulations from all of us! How did you assess your own individual performance last season? 

OH: Thank you! I think personally for me I had to have a good season especially coming from full-time football. I set myself a few targets which I was happy to hit. The main goal when I joined Weymouth was promotion, so I’m delighted it’s worked out well.

uptheterras.co.uk: Finally, are you keeping the current haircut? 

OH: Well I’ve had a fair few tweets from fans telling me to cut it! I think I’ll stick with it though for the time being!

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