WEYMOUTH chairman Ian White has dismissed rumours of a takeover at Weymouth.

In a sensational interview with uptheterras.co.uk, White also revealed he had this week almost left the club amid the behind-the-scenes saga.

BBC Solent Sport reported earlier today that former Bournemouth owner Adam Murry had shown interest in taking a minority share in the Terras.

White has now shed light on the situation, adding that all talks with Murry have ceased without a deal.

“Nobody will take this club over,” White declared.

“There was talk of investment, but not of taking the club over.

“There are people who seem to be enjoying themselves at the moment at making out that there are things going to happen at the club that are not going to happen.

“The club is not being manipulated. Ian White is the chairman. Ian White cares about this club. Ian White has been there 23 years and Ian White loves it immensely and loves all the people he works with.

“But Ian White nearly walked out of this club last week because somebody tried to be tried to be really clever.

“Ian White nearly walked out of this club and would never have stepped back in it again.

“The club will not be taken over by anybody. I will not allow it, the rest of my board will not allow it. They do not want it. The club is happy with what we are doing.

“I hope all the fans and shareholders are happy with what we are doing.

“In the last seven days I’ve felt like somebody was trying to stab me in the back. I got so close to calling this a day – and I don’t want to because I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

“Last week is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in 23 years.

“I am more determined than ever to show those people they’re wrong.”

Asked to elaborate on his explosive claims, White said: “All I’ll say is that Mark Molesley introduced Adam Murry to the club.

“Murry was going to help us with the infrastructure of the club. The only investment Adam Murry was going to bring in was his own wages – for a season he was going to fund his own wages.

“There was nothing else involved, yet some people decided there was.

“We are doing exactly what we think is right for the club.

“I will not be removed because somebody thinks we’re taking the wrong decisions when we clearly aren’t.

“Adam Murry is no longer involved. There was no takeover bid for Weymouth and there never would’ve been.

“We were looking at help to improve our facilities, help with the infrastructure of bringing us in commercial gain from people we couldn’t reach.

“That’s all this was. Sadly, some people decided this wasn’t what it was and tried to influence things from outside which has destroyed the deal.

“What I hated the most was the distrust. Was I suddenly going to change into some ogre that didn’t know what he was doing?

“I can’t explain how close we were to me stepping down, and I don’t mean stepping down and coming to games. I would’ve gone forever.”

White also confirmed financial director Simon Etherington left the club in June and will be replaced in due course.

Dorset Echo

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