WEYMOUTH boss Brian Stock admitted playing Yeovil Town a day after completing self-isolation from Covid-19 would have been an “impossible task”.

Substantial numbers of the Terras’ squad and backroom staff contracted the virus in the days after a 2-1 win at Stockport on Saturday, October 31.

Players were given fitness regimes during the mandatory self-isolation period set by the National League.

However, Stock revealed some were so ill they had struggled to get out of bed.

“The game couldn’t have gone ahead, full stop,” he told Echosport.

“When you look at the amount of players that were affected with the virus, it wasn’t that we had to isolate because a friend of a friend was in contact.

“(Weymouth could not play) until you understand how much that can take out of your system and body – we were going to play without being able to train.

“We did daily counts on all the players on symptoms and tried to put (fitness programmes) in place that they had to do at home.

“A lot of players struggled to get out of bed and exercise.

“We’re in an elite league and we’re expected to perform at a high level with the intensity that’s required.

“It was almost an impossible task for the players to give everything they’ve got. It made sense to cancel the game.

“It’s not just a game of football. You’ve got to think of the staff and their families’ wellbeing.”

Dorset Echo

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