Josh Barton: We know you love your football and you live and breathe the game. How much of an impact has Covid-19 had in your opinion?

Brennan Camp: For me, not much has changed. I’m still lucky to be able to train every day with AFC Bournemouth and Weymouth. Obviously, it took me a while to get back to full fitness after a lot of us contracted the virus, but thankfully all of us have recovered from that now and luckily we can keep on playing football throughout this lockdown.

JB: Congratulations on the last couple of Man of the Match performances. As someone from the local area, how disappointed were you with the Yeovil game?

BC: We all knew how much this game meant to everyone associated with the club. At the end of the day, they were the better team on the night and deserved to win the game, and we need to change that. We know what we’re capable of but we need to start showing it on the football pitch. Obviously, I was gutted with the result but we have a chance to put things right in the upcoming games.

JB: Moving on from that. How pleased have you been with your performances individually?

BC: The past few games have been good ones for me. I’ve just got to keep giving 100% in every game, no matter what the score, how the game is going etc. I think if we all do that then no one can complain, and results will come. I know there’s still a lot more to come from me this season!

JB: How close do you think we are to turning it around and climbing the table?

BC: Like I said we know what we’re capable of in that changing room. We know that the results have to come as soon as possible and we all believe that will happen. We know we’re all good players we just have to start showing that on the pitch.

JB: It’s obviously a tough time for a lot of people during another lockdown. What would your advice be for a young player who might now not be able to play during this period of time?

BC: I think just stay positive and stay healthy and active. Hopefully, soon everything will get back to some sort of normality and everyone can enjoy their football again.

JB: Do you have a message for the fans?

BC: Stick with us. We need your support now more than ever and collectively as a club we can all turn this around, and start climbing up that table.

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