Following the government announcements of the proposed return of fans to sporting events, Weymouth Football Club have been in consultations with the National League, Local Authority Stadium Safety Advisory Group, and Dorset Police with the intention of a staged return of fans to the Bob Lucas Stadium.

There will be 675 tickets available which must be purchased in advance. Priority of purchase will go first to Season Ticket Holders, then to Supporters Association Members and finally General Sale.

For the Boreham Wood game, please can season ticket holders let us know if they are NOT planning on attending.


Safety of all attendees must remain our paramount concern.

To stage this match, several changes to the pre-Covid matchday experience will be made, these will include but will not be limited to:

• Masks are to be worn on entry and when moving inside the ground. We would ask that they are also worn if singing/chanting.
• Ticketless/E-Ticket Booking System.
No Bar or Alcohol allowed in the ground.
No Food or refreshments inside the ground.
• Entry will be via a GATE rather than a turnstile, where tickets and temperature will be checked before entry.
• The Ground’s four main areas will have separate gates, you should enter via the gate in the area that you wish to watch the game from. (Details to follow)
• Movement inside the ground must be kept to a minimum. There will be no changing of ends at half time. There will be NO AWAY FANS.
• The club shop will not be open. There will be no programmes available to buy at the game, they will be available as e-versions or to buy online.
• Standard Covid-19 precautions will apply, hand sanitiser will be available at various points around the ground.
• At the end of the game all gates will be opened, please leave via the nearest gate following the flow of foot traffic.

There will be searches to ensure that no alcohol etc is brought into the ground.

We anticipate that tickets will be on sale from Tuesday afternoon.

Please be advised that wilful breaches of Covid Protocols and/or conditions stated in the Club’s Code of Conduct will result in exclusion from the match.

Mark Golsby – Director & Covid Officer Weymouth F.C

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