Duncan Gardner caught up with long-serving full-back and winger Calvin Brooks for uptheterras.co.uk after he recently made his 300th appearance in a Terras shirt.

When you made your debut in September 2014 did you have any idea you’d still be at the club some six and a half years later playing your 300th competitive game?

I would be lying if I said I did, all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed my time on loan and I was very keen to make the move permanent.

Are you aware that you are now just two games behind the appearance total of the new Hall of Famer Ashley Wells and how much would you like to overtake him?

I wasn’t particularly aware of that but I remember Ash making his 300th appearance I was so pleased for him, I know how much this club means to him and for him to be inducted into the hall of fame must be a huge honour for him and his family.

Not many people know you were born in Dortmund, Germany. How come and did you ever even jokingly wonder about playing for the German national team?

Yes, that’s true, born in a great footballing city! Well, my Dad was in the British army and was posted to Germany where he met my Mum, I was born in Germany and moved back to the UK when I was four years old.

Have you ever been to Weymouth’s German twin town Holzwickede?

No, I haven’t, I’ve never heard of it but it doesn’t surprise me that you have!

You are currently often playing almost as a right-winger. Did you ever imagine you’d play in this position?

Not really, I played centre back when I joined the club for the first three years or so and have occasionally filled in there since. Mark Moseley was the one who really saw me playing right-back more as he liked me to get forward and affect the game, I enjoyed it a lot more and it was something I thought from the best out in me. With regards to playing on the wing, I have openly said it’s not my favourite position but I respect the manager’s opinion and I am just happy to be in the team!

How difficult is it to balance playing National League football with being an estate agent?

It is tough there is no doubt about that, I am used to balancing things as I have done it for a few years now. It’s more difficult than ever with the extra travelling.

Which player’s house would be the most difficult to sell?

That is a tough one because Gerard lives in a flat above a kebab shop, so that would be a tough sell, and Thommo’s house was made for the borrowers, you can’t swing a cat in there!

Have you ever wanted to play in the same team as your brother?

Yes, it’s something that’s always been in my mind and we have obviously spoken about it before, he’s coming up to 32 now so I don’t know if that’s going to happen but then saying that he’s super fit and in great shape so I think he’s got a good few years left in him.

Which former teammate would you like to bring back to the club?

Again a tough question there a few in contention: Charlie Davis, Josh Carmicheal, Harry Baker, Mark Cooper, Brandon Goodship, Aaron Rodriguez, Jake Wannell, and I could go on! We’re all still very good friends and I would love any of them back.

Which is the favourite Weymouth shirt you’ve worn?

I would probably say the home kit we wore the season that we won the southern league, I liked the design. I also like this seasons away kit.

What was the best goal scored by a teammate?

Finally an easy question! Mark Travers goal a few years ago (vs Bishop’s Stortford), to even try that was absurd but it came off unbelievable! And he’s been at it again since! He really is a top goalkeeper and a great bloke.

What are your hopes for your future with The Terras?

I hope the club continues to stabilise, a lot of work has gone in from a lot of people on and off the field to make sure the club is back where it belongs after so many tough years, I can only hope the club can secure its position in the National League in the next couple of seasons and build from there. If I can stay and be a part of that then that’s even better.

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