Weymouth Football Club are delighted to bring you Episode 1 of Terra Talks, a weekly web series talking to you the fans about your most cherished memories and stories of supporting Weymouth through the years.

This is opened to fans old and new and were always wanting to hear more stories from you the fans, if you’re interested in featuring then contact us on our social pages.

This episode we go international, Canada to be more precise as we talk to streamer ‘scootR’, or Jeremy to his friends and family. The 39 year old first became a fan of The Terras after taking the reigns of the club in Football Manager 19 and it was love at first sight.

“Since I became passionate and discovered my love for football in 2018.”

“Took them over by chance in my first Football Manager game and dived deep into the history of the club, the region and the sport and fell in love.”

“Got a kit and scarf that year from the team shop.”

The day old question will always be who’s your favourite player, but who’s your favourite Weymouth player you’ve watched?

“Josh Wakefield”

Following on from your favourite Weymouth player what the best Weymouth game you’ve watched overall and then the best home game you’ve watched?

“Favourite Weymouth game in general, probably watching the final game for promotion to the national league a couple years ago”

“Watching on stream with my first born.”

“Incredible emotions.”

“As for my fav home game, I think the first home match in the national league in 2021.”

“The vibes of the crowd and some of the videos from supporters was amazing.”

Speaking of home games many teams have come and gone at The Bob Lucas Stadium, but what’s the best atmosphere you’ve witnessed?

“Hard for me to answer as I’ve not been able to fly over to see a match yet but it’s on my bucket list.”

What’s the best Weymouth team you’ve seen?

“The 2019/2020 squad was incredible.”

A lot of players have played for Weymouth since the team has been formed but what is you Ultimate starting XI?

“As a relatively new supporter of the sport and club, it’d be hard for me to do this justice as I’d be missing so many key players from the history of the club I’m not familiar with.”

A lot of people have their own favourite memories of the club, from matches to interaction with players/staff, etc, so if you had to narrow it down to just the one what would be your best memory?

“Having the club show love and support when I won the Champions League (several times) in FM19 including having players and some staff pop into the streams to show love.”

“If it’s not that, it’s the back to back promotion years which were an incredible ride of emotions.”

Saving the best till last, what does Weymouth Football Club mean to you?

“It means the world – as the first taste of football supporters and a proper football club, it helped open the doors to a whole new world for me, and football has become a huge passion.”

“It led to be supporting the local professional side here on Winnipeg when they launched the Canadian Premier League.”

“Still wear my Weymouth kit with pride.”

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