On behalf of the vast majority of supporters, who we know to be fair minded, we would like to express our full support to Weymouth FC Board of Directors in taking a strong stance against those individuals found to be bringing the Club’s good name into disrepute. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the unacceptable behaviour of all those involved in the incidents at our recent away game versus Farnborough.

We support our football club in imposing the strongest sanctions possible against all those involved and ensuring the message is clear that we will not allow the actions of a few to undo all the hard work and endeavours of the many.

Everyone has the right to attend a football match free from the fear of verbal abuse and threats, intimidating behaviour and discrimination in all its forms.  We continue to work hard to project Weymouth FC out into the community we represent, and strive to create a match day experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. This strong action will help to reaffirm our commitment to this.

WFCSA Board of Directors

14th November 2023

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