We believe at the Weymouth In The Community CIC that football in as all inclusive environment which should be used to form inclusion and social integration.

Our mission statement within the CIC is to reach out into the community to reinforce and grow those aims with all children and adults.

Incidents, similar to those at the Weymouth FC vs Farnborough FC game showed a darker side of football that we do not encourage and its against everything that we work for in development as well as engagement.

We strongly believe that the behaviour of a small section of the fan base, is stopping football being a family based sport. We will continue to try to change the attitudes with the community to work to make football the all inclusive platform we all want as supporters and players/officials.

We stand by/adhere to the Laws of the Game which display and promote high standards of behaviour, as well as Fair Play.

With this in mind we would like to express our full support to Weymouth FC Board of Directors in taking a strong stance against those individuals found to be bringing the clubs good name into disrepute. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the unacceptable behaviour of all those involved in the incidents and support any sanctions imposed on those individuals as a result of the investigations.

Weymouth In The Community

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