Ten of the best with Anthony Cheshire

Football Manager or FIFA?

Definitely FIFA. I’ve never played Football Manager!

FIFA was the first football game I had. I supported Arsenal growing up, so using my favourite players from that team was unreal.

Can you enlighten us on a Christmas party you once had with Scott Rees?

I can’t do that! That will incriminate a few of the lads!

What’s your favourite cheese?

If I had to choose, Wensleydale. A bit of butter with that on a cracker is unreal. I’m not a massive cheese fan, so I only have it at Christmas really.

Who’s the dressing room prankster?

Probably Calvin. The thing is with him, he eggs other people on to do the pranks. An example would be when he convinced Joe Thomas [kit man] to pull out the laces of one of Teddy’s boots!

He knows how to get under people’s skin!

Is Unai Emery a better manager than Mikel Arteta?

He has a better CV [than Arteta], but I think Arteta has the potential to become one of the best managers, so I’d choose Arteta for Arsenal. But, overall, I would probably go for Emery. He’s done a fantastic job at Aston Villa and has four Europa League titles.

Dream starting XI?

(GK) – Wojciech Szczęsny. I used to really enjoy watching him at Arsenal. He was a bit of a character!

(RB) – Bacary Sagna. Solid for Arsenal.

(CB) – Thomas Vermaelen. A bit of a rogue one! I remember when he first came to Arsenal and he always seemed to score.

(CB) – Sergio Ramos. In his prime he was always there when Real Madrid needed him. He was such a warrior.

(LB) – Marcelo. A really enjoyable there to watch. I was to watch a compilation of one defender, it would be him.

(DM) – Patrick Vieira. Before my time, but I used to watch him a lot on Premier League Years. He was unbelievable. People forget how technically gifted he was.

(CM) – Cesc Fabregas. One of my all-time favourite players. Free-kicks, playmaking, creativity. I didn’t appreciate just how young he was when he was at Arsenal.

(CM) – Santi Cazorla. I have to give my plaudits to him. I’ve never seen anyone take set-pieces with both feet as well as him.

(RW) – Theo Walcott. Over 100 Premier League goals. My favourite was when Arsenal beat Chelsea 5-3. He weaved in and out of two defenders and blasted past Petr Cech!

(ST) – Robin Van Persie. My all-time favourite player. It’s so sad how it ended with him going to Manchester United.

(LW) – Andrey Arshavin. A cult hero for Arsenal.

How is life as a Terra?

It’s nothing like I’ve experienced before. The reception at home games is just incredible. When the atmosphere is bouncing, it makes a massive difference. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Worst changing room DJ?

It’s got to be Joe Thomas. A lot of 80s. It really shows his age!

Are 4G pitches harder to play on?

Compared to our home ground it is, but I’d much rather play on 4G than a horrible, wet pitch. I played on a lot of artificial pitches growing up, so, even though they’re sore, I guess I’m just used to them.

Best and worst dress team-mate?

Teddy has to be the worst, but he thinks he’s the best. He’s trying to be a fashionista, but he needs to realise that wearing clothes three sizes too big is not fashionable!

Tom Bearwish gets a lot of stick for what he wears, but he pulls it off well and wears it confidently. He doesn’t wear anything too outrageous and always looks pretty smart. I’d have to say he’s the best dressed.

Fans questions asked by
Jack Webb

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