Feed the 'Bear' one hundred sprouts!

First of all, Tom, is Christmas something you enjoy?

I love Christmas. I love the festive side of it, where I’m able to spend time with my family.

What’s the main thing you enjoy about Christmas?

My favourite thing is to see all my family. While I live down south, my family are all scattered across the country. Getting together to see all of them is a nice feeling.

Favourite and least favourite Christmas song?

That’s tough!

My favourite is Last Christmas by Wham!

It’s slow and romantic, isn’t it? My Mum is a big fan of that song, so I’ve been hearing it for years.

My least favourite has got to be Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree. It’s way too overplayed. I hear it all the time, so the song just gives me bad memories.

The best Christmas gift you have ever received?

It has to be when I was five-years-old when I got my first Game Boy. It was my first ever console. I loved it!

The one Christmas gift you wouldn’t want

A Yeovil shirt. I definitely wouldn’t want that!

One thing you enjoy and don’t enjoy about being a footballer at Christmas time?

One thing I do enjoy is the Boxing Day crowds. It’s off the back of Christmas and everyone is festive and in a good mood. Lots of people who don’t normally come, do come along. That’s such a big thing for me.

But I don’t enjoy the fact that I can’t eat a full Christmas dinner and have as many Bailey’s that I want. Not when I have a game the next day!

If you could grant one magic Christmas wish for our club, what would it be?

To be top of the league, obviously.

Which teammate would you most trust in charge of the Christmas dinner?

I would probably go with Calvin Brooks. He’s married, so he’s already had experience with doing the family events. I feel like he would know what he’s doing.

Which teammate would buy you the best Christmas gift?

Brandon Goodship would buy me the best present. We’ve gotten quite close recently and we know each other pretty well. He’d know exactly what I’d want.

Which teammate would be the wildest at a Christmas party?

Charlie Rowan. He’s quite tall so he’d already be the most visible, and he loves to party and celebrate!

Eat 100 Brussels sprouts or play one game for Yeovil?

I don’t even think I’ve had one Brussels sprout, but I’d still rather eat 100 of those!

Interview by
Jack Webb

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