WEYMOUTH manager Mark Molesley believes that Ashley Wells and Jake McCarthy “warranted” a joint captaincy role with the Terras this season.

Long-serving defender Wells will take up the club captaincy role, while fellow defender McCarthy, a summer signing from Bournemouth, will wear the armband during matches.

Molesley announced his decision at the Terras’ latest fans’ forum, after an open training session had been held at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

And he told Echosport that both the staff and players are “fully behind” the creation of a dual role.

He said: “On the pitch, Jake McCarthy will assume the captain’s armband. Ashley Wells is a long-serving member at the club, who knows what it’s like to play for this club, what the community is like and what the fan base is like.

“It was important to make sure we tap into that and I think there’s responsibilities for both captains with one being a club captain and one being the on-pitch captain.

“We felt both of them warranted that role and there was a dual role for both of them so us as a staff we’re fully behind that decision and I know the players are too.”

After an open training session, Molesley was joined by assistant-manager Paul Maitland and coaches Tom and Joe Prodomo for a fans’ forum.

“It was nice to give them the chance to fire some questions at us and it’s nice to talk football with them as well. We’ll sit and talk football all day!

“It’s nice for them to see my staff and also to see the training session today and how hard my staff and the players work so hopefully it’ll build that bridge and that connection between us and the fans.

“That’s the idea of it, we’re one big family here and that’s what we want to promote.

“They just get a little bit behind closed doors or behind the scenes of what happens, how we work, how we prep, so it was to see them turn out and see us and have a chat after as well,” he said.

Matters discussed at the forum included an increase in desire from the players under a new regime, cutting back on in-play video footage being broadcast on social media and Molesley registering as a player should he be needed.

When also asked about the situation of Stephane Zubar, who left Yeovil on Tuesday due to a knee injury sustained against the Terras in pre-season, Molesley revealed to Echosport he had not spoken to the Guadaloupe centre-back.

He said: “I haven’t spoken to Zubes yet. I know the players and everyone is fond of him here and there’s no greater fan of him than us.

“But I think at the moment I wish him well in his recovery. I’m sure he’ll pick up the phone to me and I’ll certainly pick up the phone to him just to see if there’s any way we can ever help him in his recovery. I’m sure Yeovil are doing the same.

“We don’t know the circumstances of his injury at the moment. Touch wood, hopefully it’s not too bad.”

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