BOSS Mark Molesley reiterated the Terras will only be spending the right money on the right people to get them through the door at Weymouth.

The Terras’ manager has retained eight members of his current squad with six members of last season’s ranks confirmed as having left the club at present.

And while the new man in charge insists “it does need a shake up” at the Bob Lucas Stadium in terms of playing personnel, Molesley will not be forced into overspending this summer.

Speaking about the way he plans to do his business over the coming months, the Weymouth chief told Echosport: “I made it clear that it does need a shake up and we only want to surround ourselves with people hungry to play for this football club and committed to do the time for this football club.

“We are really pleased with the ones we have managed to keep so far, that gives us a great platform.”

He added: “It’s obviously a difficult time of the season to get definitive answers from any player because they are weighing up their options and seeing what’s what.

“People are just going to have to be patient and wait and see what happens in the coming month. There might be one or two who might have to come late through the door, you just don’t know.

“But, ultimately, we will end up with the right players, because they are the ones who want to come to the football club and be committed to it.

“We are not just trying to sign players, I am trying to sign the right characters as well.”

With an emphasis on building the club for the future, rather than making his squad a short-term fix, Molesley is determined to be calculated with the club’s budget going forward.

“It is a business and we are not going to go and outspend or go beyond our means for anyone,” he added.

“I feel there is enough good players in and around the right areas for us out there, without going silly with the cheque book.

“We have to make sure this club is run in the right way, like it is being run by the board now. We are not going to come in and put that in jeopardy.

“We are only going to pay money for what we think is worth it, we definitely won’t be overspending.”

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