After our game against Tiverton Town this Saturday Yemi’s loan finishes.

We as a club have the opportunity to sign Yemi for the rest of the season. I am sure you will all agree that he would be a huge asset for the rest of the season in our attempt to gain promotion this season.

Mark’s budget is very tight at the moment and with the club’s quest to live within its means the Wessex Fantasy Football would like to attempt to raise the money for this to happen.

So many times in the past you the fans have been the key to obtaining some very good players. Players that had it not been for your tremendous support the club would not have been able to sign!!

As you all know there are two ways to help fund this you can either play the game for the rest of the season which will cost you £30 now as January 2019 is underway. Or you can donate.

Please click on the link below to do either


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