I am at a huge club - Harry Parsons - Weymouth FC

You’ve just signed on for another month. You must love it here!

Well I am at a huge club! I’d always wanted to come to Weymouth, because they’ve had some great players in the past, so I’m delighted to stay for another month. It was the gaffer who played a big part in convincing me to stay on.

He himself has spoken about his good relationship with you. What stood out about him when you first came here?

Well, he contacted me last summer, so I already knew he was interested in bringing me to the club. Although at that point I’d received an offer from another club that I couldn’t refuse, we stayed in contact.

He’s always shown his belief in me, and, now that I’m playing for him, he encourages me to express myself. As a player, I love to put on a show for the fans and it’s great that he allows me to do that.

We’re all playing as a team right now, and I think that shows with the fact we’ve only lost one game in six.

What about the club was so appealing to you when you first came?

When I was at other clubs, I saw how nice the stadium was, and how many people would come to the games. As well as that, people spoke to me individually, and told me how huge of a club Weymouth is. To be able to play at a club the size of Weymouth was not an opportunity I wanted to turn down

It seems like right now the club is heading in the right direction. Is this something you’ve noticed?

Yeah, and I think that showed with how angry we were when we lost away at Tonbridge. We haven’t lost a lot recently, so when we did it felt like a kick in the teeth. So, to both win and pick up a clean sheet in our last game shows that we really are starting to get it right. It doesn’t get much better than three goals and a clean sheet. Our performances over the last month have been very good, so more wins will come!

The whole team has clicked on the pitch, but it seems like you have a lot of chemistry with Brandon and Tom in attack. What makes them so special to play with?

When you have three players who love to get on the ball, it’s very easy. There’s always a player to pass to and link off. There’s nothing more you can ask for really. We all bounce off each other, and I think it’s getting better with each game. The best is still yet to come.

I want to see how well you know your teammates. Who’s the dressing room prankster?

Calvin likes a bit of fun. I sit next to him in the changing room, and he loves to talk. He’s a good laugh!

Who has the best music taste?

Teddy is the changing room DJ, and it’s usually alright. There’s a few dodgy ones, but he switches between a bit of house, rap and general upbeat music, which is what you need before a game. So, I’d probably say it’s him.

I want to ask you about yourself in more depth, how did you get into football?

My Mum took me to training, and from then I was hooked. I just took off from there.  I then got scouted by Swindon Town when I was seven-years-old, and I stayed there until last year, so nothing extraordinary. I’ve just been playing all my life, up until now.

What’s the best goal you’ve ever scored? How does Saturday’s goal compare?

That has to be the best one I’ve scored in a competitive game. I did score a bicycle kick when I was 15, though, but it was at youth level, so it’s not the same. I prefer keeping the ball on the ground, anyway, so I’m not sure I’d score one now!

Who’s the best player you’ve ever played against?

It has to be Rodri, when I played against Manchester City for Swindon two years ago. You may look at him on TV and see him as quite a big player who isn’t the fastes, but on the pitch he’s deceptively quick. I didn’t expect that at all. He already has everything else in his locker, so for him to have that athleticism as well makes him so much more dangerous.

Finally, how confident are the lads going into the next game?

We’re all firing after winning last time, so we’re just desperate to get another similar result. This league is so tight that, if you get a few wins under your belt, you are right up there with the top teams. If we win on Saturday, everything could change. Just one more win after that could put us near the play-offs.

Interview by
Jack Webb

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