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Jason Matthews was born in Paulton on March 13, 1975 and first began playing football at primary school.

From the very start he took up his natural position in goal and soon won a place at Millfield’s Centre of Excellence.

Bristol Rovers signed him up on schoolboy terms but he was released just before he left school.

He explained: “I think it was mainly because of my size – I was a skinny kid then and didn’t fill out until I went to work.

I went back to Bristol the following season and played a few games but by then the new YTS year had started and they wouldn’t offer me a one-year contract.”

Jason then spent six years playing for a number of clubs in the Screwfix League including Welton Rovers, Paulton and Mangotsfield, before signing for Geoff Butler’s Salisbury City.

The following season he signed for Nuneaton Borough but it was only a couple of months before he was invited to join Exeter City, where he spent the 1999-2000 season.

Next it was over the border to Aberystwyth for a year before joining Clevedon – a spell which he describes as the worst of his career.

And it was from Clevedon that Geoff Butler signed him for Weymouth in 2002.


1. What was your best save?

It was the one I made when I was playing for Exeter against Everton. The goalie got knocked out in the first half and wasn’t fit enough to come on again so I came on for the second half. The ball got crossed in by Nick Barmby and Kevin Campbell made this power header which I just got a hand to and touched onto the post. We drew 0-0.

2.What has been your worst blunder?

In the Leyland Daf area final at Exeter I blasted the ball against someone’s bum and it just rolled it past me.

3. Who is the best striker of a ball at Weymouth?

There’s a couple – Danny Byrne has a good strike and so has Lee Phillips.

4. If you could have any back four in front of you, who would it be?

Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Roberto Carlos definitely but I can’t make my mind up about my right back.

5. Why do you love the club so much?

I just feel at home when I’m here really.

6. How would you feel about going full-time?

As long as I could afford to do it I’d love it.

7. What is your favourite music?

I’m a bit of a soft rock fan – Queen, The Jam, that sort of thing.

8. Do you bring your dad as a chauffeur or for moral support?

Dad just loves coming for the steady drive!!

9. How did you feel about winning Player of the Year under Geoff Butler?

It was a really nice feeling.

10. How did you occupy yourself on Boxing Day last year?

Just trying to keep warm really – it was freezing!

11. What do you think of the Terras fans?

I’ve got a good rapport with them now and I’ve started to wave them on round now when they move ends at the start of the game.

12. Do you prefer to play behind a back three with a sweeper or a back four?

I’m not fussed – it makes no odds to me as long as it’s the right blend.

13. If you could bring back one player who has left the club, who would it be?

Alex Browne.

14. At which game or ground have you felt most intimidated by the home fans?

Tamworth and Welling. Most of the time the banter is good-natured but at Welling they were horrible. And Tamworth is just an intimidating place.

15. Have you or would you ever take a penalty?

I think I may have taken one for Weymouth in the Two Counties Cup in my first season here. I remember taking one in the Somerset Cup final – I missed and hit the crossbar.

16. Which is the worst penalty you have ever seen?

Chris Waddle in the 1990 World Cup final.

17. Goalies have a reputation for being eccentric. Are you?

I can be sometimes. You’ve got to be a bit mad to play in goal.

20. Which league team do you support?


21. Do you have any pre-match rituals?

No – none at all. I don’t have any superstitions either.

22. Who is the team joker?

All I can say is that Gary Borthwick had a bit of a problem with Deep Heat in his socks the other week.

23. Do you have another job?

I’m a self-employed electrician.

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