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Ludovic Cadima was born on 25 September 1986 in Andrade, Angola but at the age of three he moved to Belgium, where he soon discovered an aptitude for football.

Even at the age of six he says he “loved to score goals” and by nine he was in the youth team of his local second division club. Following two years playing for Strombeek, 14-year-old Ludo was spotted by Anderlecht scouts and invited to join their impressive youth set-up.

“I said no twice,” he explained, “because when you are young you just want to play with your friends.

I was just enjoying my football but my best friend joined them and that gave me the push I needed.”

Life for a trainee at Anderlecht was tough – there was training before and after school, work in the gym, matches on Saturday and training with the first team on Sunday.

On top of that the strict dietary controls ensured that players were really at the peak of their fitness.

Ludo stayed there for three years, playing regularly for the reserves and breaking into the first team for last season’s pre-season friendlies.

A year ago Ludo’s best friend moved to Manchester United and this got him thinking about trying his own hand at the English game.

“I liked English football and my friend told me that they played like me.

I decided to try and have been here since the summer,” he said.

After a short stint with Bristol City, Ludo joined Yeovil where Gary Johnson recommended him to his brother down the road at Weymouth.


1. Are you enjoying your football at Weymouth?

I am enjoying it. Anderlecht was like a Premiership club and you have time to play and dribble the ball. With Weymouth I am learning a different style of game, harder than the Premiership, man on man. Weymouth is like a school for me and if I go higher I will have learned a lot.

2. How have you settled in?

It does feel like home but I miss my parents and my friends. Weymouth is a bit quiet in the day but at the weekends and at night it is good.

3. How does this club compare with your others?

They are very different. At Anderlecht we played nearly all year and pre-season we would go away to Spain and Italy. We had four physios, two specialist doctors and a hospital just for the players. But on the coach to an away match it was just the same!

4. Did you play alongside Anthony Vanden Borre ?

Yes. He was 14 and I was 15. It was a very good team and we won tournaments all the time. I think only two of the players are still at Anderlecht, the rest are all over the place.

5. Who are the best players you have played with both in Weymouth and abroad?

Vincent Kompany, a central defender at Anderlecht, Anthony Vanden Borre and Floribert N’Galula. And at Weymouth Kieren and Danny.

6. What is your preferred position?

My position is up front – striker. I always played on my own at Anderlecht. Now I play on the wing and it is new for me. I only did that twice before.

7. Do you prefer Bristol or Weymouth?

Weymouth. As a place and as a club.

8. Which is your favourite English team?

Arsenal. I like how they play. When I played in my first tournament for Anderlecht, Arsenal asked me to go there. Mum said it was the same in Anderlecht as Arsenal and she said I could not go because I had not finished school. I also used to play with Quincy Owusu-Abeyie

9. Why did you choose to play for the Terras?

My agent said to me “If you do well at Weymouth, a higher team will come in.” I had never heard of Weymouth but when I was at Yeovil Gary Johnson said I could come here and see how I got on.

10. What interests do you have outside of football?

I sleep! I like to go shopping and I love my Playstation. I also like to be with my girlfriend and go to the cinema but she is in Belgium. She is coming to visit soon though.

11. What is the best game of football you have been involved in?

It was a youth team game between Brugges and Anderlecht. That was our derby and it was always a difficult game. At half time we were losing 2-0 because we thought we were too good and were taking it easy. At half time the coach told us to carry on exactly the same. He said he would get his money anyway and did not care if we were hammered 5-0. It was up to us. We went back out and won 3-2 and I scored the second goal.

12. Do you like Dorset?

I have not seen a lot of it – I don’t drive. Only Weymouth.

13. Do you prefer playing at home or away?

At home. You have the support and you feel the man because you are playing in your own house. In your head you think nobody can beat me here with my supporters.

14. What’s it like to have a manager who is smaller than you?

He may be short but he’s a good manager.

15. What do you do on a Saturday when the game is postponed?

Last week I came back and slept. I also go to the gym and go out with the other players.

16. What’s it like being introduced to half your team mates before every match?

The gaffer is trying to find the best team and to see new players he has got to see them in a game. I am always happy to see new faces.

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