STEVE Johnson today paid tribute to the Terras passionate fans who he believes have a vital part to play in his side’s Conference South promotion push.

The Weymouth manager says the club are the best supported in the league, both in numbers and in
terms of their loyalty.

He said: “The fans are incredible. They range from the very young to the more mature and every one of them is passionate about their football club.

“Their loyalty and optimism is something that has really struck me since I joined and I’m convinced they can act as an extra player on Saturday afternoons both home and away and help get us into one of those play-off positions.”

Johnson admits being manager of one of non-League football’s best followed clubs brings added pressure to the job although that’s something the ex-Latvian under-18 boss thrives on.

He added: “I knew before I took the job Weymouth was one of the best supported clubs around and it would be high pressure.

“But I didn’t appreciate just how intense those 1,200 fans who regularly come through the gate would be.

“There’s is so much interest in every move we make and that obviously puts extra pressure on my players and also myself because every decision is scrutinised.

“Of course I try and please the fans with the style of football we play but it’s difficult to keep everyone happy, all of the time.

There will always be those who you can’t please but you have to learn to accept it and get on with the job.

“But the high level of intensity is something I thrive on – I take it as a compliment that so many , people are interested in the club.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I will make mistakes and do and say things in the heat of the moment.

“But that’s because I’m passionate about succeeding and I know that passion is also there on the terraces.

The fans have generally been great since I arrived, especially away from home.

“The people that travel spend lots of money and time getting behind us and our trip to Basingstoke sticks in my mind because it was the support they gave us that got us the win.

“But those that only come to home games also play a big part and it would be great to have a noisy Wessex Stadium on matchdays between now and the end of the season.”

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