This week it is Charlie Davis’ turn in the hot seat as he spoke to’s Josh Barton.

Josh Barton: Hi Charlie, how do you think the season has gone on a personal level and also collectively as a team?

Charlie Davis: I can probably answer that as a whole, good in areas and patches of good bits but not enough to be where we want to.

JB: Obviously you scored in the Derby in August? What sort of feeling did that give you?

CD: One of the best feelings I have had, a lot of people said I had made the wrong choice coming and things so was lovely to silence those people in the first derby.

JB: Who did you idolise as a kid growing up?

CD: Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard. What players they are!

JB: Splendid players indeed! As you played in Bournemouth’s youth setup and then made the step into non-league was it hard to make that step down and keep motivated?

CD: No I saw it as a new challenge, being in an academy and playing men’s football for points are like two different sports, I sometimes was disheartened when I didn’t play straight away but looking back you realise why or what areas I wasn’t read in.

JB: Do you feel the competition for places in the midfield has had a positive impact on yourself this season?

CD: 100%, I get on well with all the other midfielders as the club but the competition is big. There isn’t one player who is happy to sit on the bench in the dressing room but at the same time it someone in your position is playing well all the lads would acknowledge that and push the player, even when Chris came in the first thought was I need to make sure he isn’t better than me!

JB: Who is the biggest joker in the team?

CD: Biggest joker would be hard now Yetts has gone, all the lads have each other off a lot so I don’t think there is a stand out although Thommo is non-stop!

JB: How often do you practice free kicks?

CD: Whenever I get chance, in the warm up, after training or if I am on the bench.

JB: Do you see yourself at the club next season and overall, have you enjoyed your time here after your first season, with your teammates and do you have some words for the Weymouth fans?

CD: Personally I would love to be here next season; I’ve loved this season. I’ve been playing for a huge non-league club with a big fan base being coached by a premier league coach with great team mates and good management staff, the only part that hasn’t gone to plan is promotion which is why I came here and ultimately that falls down to us as players. To the fans thank you for continued support at times even when it wasn’t deserved and I urge you stick behind the players and managers for what will be something that comes good!

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